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About Dave

After attending Carroll University and the University of Wisconsin for his MBA, Dave Vetta received his certified financial planner designation and pursued advanced studies at  Northwestern University and the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Dave has spent much of his professional career working in banking and investments in one of the largest banks in the country as well as a niche business bank. He believes that adding credentials along the way complements the professional experience and enhances one’s perspective and fulfillment. He also believes the more we can do to facilitate each individual’s fulfillment through clarifying goals, fueling passion, and realizing dreams, the more we win! While this may not always seem tangible, it truly is the essence and the firm foundation of a rewarding and meaningful life.

Dave would love to hear from you, get your feedback, and hear your experiences to help promote financial literacy, and enrich life’s journey for others.


Speaking and Seminar Topics

  • Do bankers have a soul, and how do you find it?

  • What you need to know about your bank

  • Where life planning and financial literacy intersect as they are inextricably linked

  • Where do spirituality and discipline come into play?

  • Leadership, from ground level to the stage; work life and attending the Leadership Institute at the US Naval Academy-through the eyes of friends- graduate and speaker; and a successful entrepreneur in attendance

  • Does accidental volunteering count?

  • Networking for the introverted and liking it

  • Book topics and discussions

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