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Does Life Happen to You or Do you Happen to Life

Do you feel some days totally surprised by something, taken off guard and shocked that something didn’t cross your radar at all?

I believe we all have those days , and I for one , am not wild about it , unless it’s really a positive outcome and gift; and there are a number that don’t feel like a gift at the time.

A positive reaction is likely a result of one’s outlook, attitude, faith in some thing or someone , letting go and embracing the new found opportunity.

My focus in writing this is about the uncomfortable , unnerving total surprises and how , perhaps , to minimize or anticipate those moments , lessening the shock.

If I may , let me explore what I will call circle of awareness and fighting our human tendencies to follow past patterns.

In doing some reading and studying about some recent tragedies, man-made or natural and how to identify warning signs and indicators, there are often signs we aren’t looking for, didn’t take seriously and to which we were completely oblivious .

Our quest for data and facts and more specifically our focus ebbs and flows.

While taking a course on anti-terrorism offered by The Department of Homeland Security , I find it points out the many signs to observe; unusual behavior, signs of stress, amassing resources that aren’t relevant to normal daily life ,work and community and shifting schedules .

This circle of awareness can be relevant around public places, crowds, events, consideration of general news;

we have first responders doing this formally , but we all have a responsibility to help , if we are able and be a bit more aware.

Another perspective is a book I am reading called , “Think Like A Freak” , by Levitt and Dubner.

Several examples:

”Knowing what to measure and how to measure it can make a complicated world less so.

“Conventional wisdom is often wrong.”

“Correlation does not equal causality.”

They have written several books on it , so I won’t elaborate , but suffice to say we can educate, retrain ourselves and build our circle of understanding and awareness in many areas.

Unlike the movie , “Pretty Woman” , when Richard Gere , the successful businessman , says people rarely surprise him and Julia Roberts says , “you’re lucky , they usually shock the hell out of me !”

Identify your focus, vocations , passions and build circles of awareness, assess and refresh, be open to expanding or eliminating circles and choosing new ones.

Make life happen for you and be better prepared, disciplined , educated when something surprises the hell out of you.

You just might make a better life , if not , in fact, save a life .


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