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The Consistent Inconsistencies around Covid

So , I am back at the gym (after walking many miles outside ) , but with distanced equipment, limited capacity , regular cleaning and my personal bottle of disinfectant presented to me at the entrance when my temperature is taken .

Working out on elliptical equipment, seeing nothing from the multiple TVs as I spent a few minutes glancing at channels and screens while exercising , a middle-aged woman takes her place on the treadmill in front of me. Dutifully wiping down the handrails of her machine and , simultaneously , dumping her iPad , coat and purse on the treadmill floor right next to her.

Whaat !!??

She proceeded to another station or two that I saw , dumping her things on the dirty floor or table nearby. So I’m confused , but that’s not unusual these days .

It’s OK to be confused .

We need to be socially conscious of our surroundings , proximity to people, practicing healthy habits, preventing or mitigating germ-provoking climates and circumstances.

The irony of negotiating packed airports , taking our seats on crowded planes catered to by attendants engaging all 250 passengers in a two hour span of time to arrive somewhere , self quarantining , or more likely joining a group which is the reason we flew in the first place , is not lost on us .

Some schools were open the whole time, while some were closed the whole time. Behaving and laying low at home, but for the regular trips to the crowded grocery stores, department stores, public beaches and wide-open restaurants.

COVID immunity or vaccine superpowers may be helpful to a number of us , but still a potential carrier to those who now feel safe to visit.

The new narrative of , ‘75 million vaccinated‘ replacing ‘550,000 deaths’ , more frequently ;

we are all ready to get on with our lives. We will be parsing blame , hindsight , timing in messaging , forever proper balancing science and life‘s realities and freedoms.

Thank God for our wonderful science and scientists. I truly mean that .

Science is a tricky thing ; it’s not what’s right or wrong, its what you know and don’t know at the time.

Science isn’t necessarily wrong , even if it’s not right.

In other words, it’s as good as the most recent trials , research and awareness. So , it’s a moving target with 2020 hindsight , in more ways than one !

My point is , we need to conduct our lives with the most recent science we know of and still use common sense and prioritize freedoms and risks , as time will not stand still for anyone.

So , create your own lifestyle narrative and embrace the consequences. The last thing you want to do is rely on the speculation of hundreds of cable channels, politicians , well-meaning friends and neighbors.

We will emerge smarter, healthier and more aware , if we choose to be ; so let’s choose that ! Even if it doesn’t always make sense to the person next to you in the gym , school , church , restaurant or store.


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