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We are Killing the American Spirit

Many of us have more time to assess, reevaluate and anticipate next steps. Being all dressed up with nowhere to go is not healthy, productive or satisfying in the least.

The actions and policies of the last three months are what they are. This is not an indictment on what we have done as a country or me playing arm chair quarterback. For the most part, we have complied, studied the fluid, sensational news around us while seeking answers/ solutions and waiting for the starting gun to go off to get back in the race.

Still, many are working very hard on behalf of all of us and we acknowledge, thank and support them as best we can.

We pray for those infected and the 60,000 who have lost their lives in the USA and nearly 225,000 globally, and their families.

In these past months and each day, many are living in fear and captivity; we are killing the American spirit in so many ways that are visible, invisible and unintended.

Inundated by daily death rates, pure speculation and conjecture, distinguishing between facts and entertainment, we are losing our focus, our edge and our spirit.

Our independence, drive and determination are wounded. The ability to choose, make our own risk-reward calculations for ourselves and our families is reduced or eliminated. We are being paid to stay at home, when millions want to be, more importantly need to be working, active and contributing.

We can all change the conversation as we move forward; there are good plans and priorities out there to re-emerge now and in phases, addressing healthcare solutions and capacity, protecting those in high-risk categories and keeping those safe at work and in our communities, giving quick attention and care to those that require it in the future.

In other words, as we do every day with our decisions, manage the risk and prioritize our actions, care for our families and create our futures.

We’ve learned, we’ve processed the past three months and we have reset our hygiene habits, increased our awareness and are more convinced than ever that we need to live our lives and do our best to stay safe, stay informed of resources available to us and kickstart the American spirit.

This is not a ghostly, vague, amorphous spirit. It is physical, tangible and emotional and it impacts every fiber of our being and those with whom we interact; It affects how we live our lives and how we make the most of our future.

It’s time to unleash it once again !


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