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4 C’s of a life well lived

There are many elements to a life well planned and well lived. We have discussed a number of them in the blog , the book and the podcasts. A little different perspective through these 4 C’s of Contrast, Clarity , Communication and Contentment .

Contentment - harmony , peace , fulfillment and freedom are the desired endgame for most. Regardless of age , social status or anything else , these are likely a lifestyle choice objective for many. It is a fluid state , it comes and goes as does one’s day , life and circumstances; a constant balancing act to be sought , achieved and sometimes snatched away...... But , kept in one’s sights and enjoyed when it is realized.

Clarity of purpose often results in efficient and effect use of ones talents and resources. Focus, unification and optimization of efforts and the satisfaction of a sense of accomplishment and a goal achieved. Clarity of a mission can provide a sense of contentment in knowing it , and if there is little clarity , perhaps a source of discontentment ; Often , I would say , misplaced source of discontentment. Making the most of your blessings each day may not fit clearly in a larger measurable life purpose at first blush; being seemingly more spontaneous or abstract than a strong life long vision , but I might suggest as important and not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Communication around the short term and long term goals, mapping out steps, celebrating the milestones and adjusting along life‘s various stages are an ongoing need and effective contributor to one‘s satisfaction. Listening intently to the one you care about and with whom you share a journey, articulating succinctly and frequently your expectations and needs and striking a balance you can aspire to together. Simple , but not at all easy and probably most often where the four C’s break down.

Contrast is the last C which is a hard concept for many; the antithesis of an all or nothing mantra. For example , we might grow tired of a job , a relationship , a living situation and think very often of an all or nothing solution i.e. to quit , divorce or to move.

A sabbatical , vacation or retirement may be examples when an unlimited time to do whatever you choose, no structure , complete freedom maybe unnerving , boring or de-motivating. Think about keeping contrast in your life; some structure , relationships on your terms , a job and a career on your terms with more time to call your own . A vacation to look forward to , enjoy stimulating social and professional engagements , be bored , explore and learn.

This contrast can be healthy, rewarding and doesn’t have to be stressful and can go on indefinitely. The beauty of it is that it’s up to you !


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