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 So, maybe a little play on words but over the many years and conversations with clients and successful people this has been the case. Many are not accepting , and  in fact , they are denying that there will come a time for the preparation which is important or the extent it is fluid and critical to success. If they do accept all these things then the others are confused as to how to deal with it or what it means to them and their family.

 This is at the crux of my efforts to promote awareness , education and conversation around it for facilitating the next chapter of transition. Notice I’m not saying after you’re done working. You may choose to continue working full-time , part-time or no time but make a choice or at least identify the parameters for a decision to be made. You have worked way too hard to leave it to chance.

DENIAL —  don’t dwell on it , but think about your mortality and deal with it ( there is a gentler way to say this ) ;  this decision is much more than you leaving your job , it affects family , co-workers,  your business valuation ; you worked hard to build those relationships , provide for them and likely want them a part of your lives in the future . Put in place plans to make sure your resources are the underpinnings of your priorities.

A strategy some deploy is to leave it for others to handle so you don’t have to. Your choice, but is that the best of all the defaults? By the way , whatever you put in place I can guarantee it will change and circumstances will , as well , so please know that regular review is important.

CONFUSION :  it’s just that; people are not sure where and when to start ; somewhat like feeling your arms around an elephant , not sure the scope of it at any given time.

The many dimensions of this education and preparedness , when properly addressed , position you for many satisfying years ahead .

 So , rather than denial and confusion, wouldn’t you prefer your retirement state to be Florida , California , Wisconsin , South Carolina or Tennessee , for example?!


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