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Can you ponder your way to purpose

So many times young people , and older people alike , will tell me or I will overhear them say they are trying to figure out their passion , purpose , how to commit and spend their time.

Whether it is trying to determine an area of study , career , what to do with more time , approaching retirement or getting traction after a life-changing event such as death or illness etc., this question can present itself .

I certainly have been through these moments or questions many times in my own life.

Attending a conference of authors for my wife’s budding career , they were talking about how they would find inspiration. One said she got tired and frustrated of sitting at home waiting for something to come to her.

While they tell you to just start writing and things come to you , may work to a point , she said she decided she would go and seek experiences , see others engaged , to find surroundings germane to her topic of interest, observe others approach and how it affected them and it became more clear what she wanted to write about and what generated energy , action and words.

As an example , if you want to learn about or write about animals , visit a zoo and all the behind-the-scenes resources .

Reach out , engage people , experience things , observe others and just get started.

Take a step , don’t wait for a bolt of lightning or a vision to come to you in the middle of the night ; It will likely be a gradual evolution and connection between filling your void , your desire, talents, emotion and finding results and outcomes that satisfy , excite , bring joy or peace.

It will not be static , it will be dynamic and something on which you can build and find the multiple dimensions of your passion as they develop;

Keep looking , searching , experiencing , refining, sampling , evaluating and celebrating…..

You will find what you’re meant to find

Renowned coach of professional golfers , Sean Foley said , “sometime you have to stop thinking , to realize what you know”, implying you need to get out of your own way and thoughts and do what you need to , and know how to do.

Reading a newsletter from Steve Sanduski , coach to financial advisors , he highlights a Harvard Business Review article written August 6, 2021 by Herminia Ibana talking about significant change ; citing separation , liminal or transitional learning and reintegration.

She says , “we rarely think our way into a new way of acting – rather we act our way into new ways of thinking and being . At some point , we need to cull learning from our experiments and use it to take some informed next steps for our career, or life“.

Lives change when habits change.

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