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Drive out fear and inertia

Maybe we are creatures of habit and maybe we’re not. As you look back on the last six months of pandemic driven changes, protocol and behavior, it has taken hold of a spot in our brain , our psyche and our mindset. compounding that with a high degree of uncertainty and void of factual information and the constant pounding of hyperbole and speculation by various sources , who are trying to do their jobs in the charged environment associated with an election year , we have succumbed , understandably and knowingly , to an environment of fear and inertia.

Be aware of it and acknowledge it , stabilize it and fight it. Fear can be a positive catalyst to take hold, see if there really are monsters under the bed , decide you can determine what you are going to do about it and how you will react and how you will thrive through this.

We’ve been told to stay put , stay home , stay away from others; the definition of inertia is continuing in an existing state of rest unless that is changed by an external force; can be described as a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

We are seeing the other side of this pandemic , some have not really changed their geography , but the world around them , ie air travel overseas has shut them down. The external force that will shake inertia is not the government , the 24/7 news channels or the weather patterns. Yes , it is wise to consult and obey the true laws of the land. But the force that will get you , me, us back and then some is ourselves.

Fight the rubber band effect ( to snap back to original resting state) and when faced with the decision choose action, moving forward , advancing your goals and dreams , not the path of doing nothing and perpetuating inertia. We need to operate on all four cylinders of physical , social , spiritual and intellectual activities .

Let’s get back to practicing all four and get the rust out, extend ourselves , grow and develop and take charge again of our own lives. Be true to ourselves , reaffirm our priorities , be sensitive to and evaluate the circumstances of those around us such as loved ones and colleagues and do our best to retrain our minds , practices and expectations . We can do this .... we got this !


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