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Enough of me; what do you think of me?

This is a piece about self image, confidence and the bombardment of opinions about oneself , solicited and unsolicited.

Embrace social media at your own peril or opportunity. The reality is, it can be both constructive and destructive, depending on your approach, embracing and compartmentalizing with reasonable parameters, uses and expectations.

My point is one’s self image comes from within, not without, and that is an ongoing analysis, process and series of adjustments.

It’s easy and often counterproductive to worry so much about what others think of what you do, what do you look like and what you say. Many people ,it seems, are quick with an opinion, regardless of facts and information. Having said that , I am reminded of a great CS Lewis observation:

”Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.”

This saying, juxtaposed with another;

“People are really thinking about you a lot less than you think they are.”

They are wrapped up in their own lives, and less about you.

Don’t get me wrong , there are many genuine people who really care about you ; find them and keep them close and nurture that.

Also, be aware of your emotional IQ, be sensitive to others and self-aware, not tone deaf ; and how you impact/influence others.

Before I go on, please take your temperature on the preceding; these are easy words to write, but difficult to know, understand and practice ; I know , I’m still practicing.

OK , now that you know where you stand on the scale, I’ll continue to close out this blog

Einstein weighed in on the topic as well,

”Try not to be a person of success, but a person of value“.

Values are initially less visible but breed a fulfilling life.

This strikes me as another reason to check your core values and beliefs and are they aligned with your habits and behaviors. Not saying anyone really has it all figured out , especially yours truly , but important to think about your compass and which direction you are going at any point in time.

When you think about where you are at a given point in time, keep the quote by Steve Jobs in mind which is

“Most overnight successes take a long time.”

This topic could be a separate story or book when you think about how we are wired , grow up and the influences on our development, achievements and general well-being.

A book called Twin Thieves by Jones and Jadin , about a remarkably proficient football program in Wisconsin, and what took that program from a rather elite status to untouchable; it was getting under control the twin thieves of fear and judgment.

Getting over fear of failure, and being judged by others. When you tackle your fear and build trust with those around you who are committed to your success ,you will grow to new heights.

Finally, I have alluded to a book called the Four Agreements , in the past which can guide you. It’s by Don Miguel Ruiz:

1: Be impeccable with your word

2: Don’t take anything personally

3: Don’t make assumptions

4: Always do your best

I believe we are in a world of abundance, and not a zero sum game; how we view it, our values and mindset, what we let in , can take us and others around us to new heights and uncharted territory.

Keep the Summit in sight and enjoy your Journey !!



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