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Fill The Gaps

We All Have Gaps

So , while consciously or subconsciously over the years , I’ve read and subscribed to four broad buckets of personal energy:

Intellectual: work, reading, learning and hobbies

Social: family, friends, and colleagues

Physical: exercise, activity and sports.

Spiritual: faith, beliefs and religion.

Throughout life , our energy falls into these broad categories , perhaps striving for some balance between them ; which is admirable , but not often attained and certainly a moving target.

For me , the early years with family and career took up a bunch of my day and overflowed into social , physical and a little spiritual with faith/church influence.

The truth is , and I read somewhere , we may spend time on intellectual or the job, social/family colleagues, kids and friends and physical, running , exercising and that the spiritual was the least developed , and may in fact fill any gaps we might have left ; in other another words, if you had time left over, you may make room for Faith , meditation , prayer , rituals , reading etc.

Faith and spirituality can fill gaps ; if you feel somethings missing or take time to think or take notice in life , you may fill it with gratitude , strengthening beliefs or some degree of faith/spirituality , but it wasn’t the focus or at least it wasn’t for me.

Kind of like that game that has the pieces and you’re filling empty spaces with sand , or the canvas for painting characters , objects or scenes on a broad background.

Like a few things , it occurs to me that I might be looking at things wrong or backwards .

For example , perhaps faith ,spirituality , something intangible is in fact the background or the canvas itself that provides the backdrop, grounding, stability or compass as you paint objects as the rest of life happens; perhaps the sand that steadys you and stabilizes as social , intellectual and physical play out in life.

In other words , the gaps /spirituality are the grounding, the fabric , that pulls all of life‘s activities together …. and in fact, they are not really gaps at all .

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