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Gift of Choice

We’ve heard that life is a series of choices and , hopefully , we make more good ones than bad ones.

Nice platitude and true.

But , it struck me while sitting in an open air outdoor Easter service , after nearly a year of no indoor services , many cloudy winter days and lots of cloudy Covid thinking :

I saw what looked to be a troubled , homeless person walking close by, wandering and wondering as he moved past.

I saw a severely handicapped young lady in a wheelchair , with her family surrounding her at this service.

There are many that cannot choose or make any kind of choice due to physical, cognitive or social issues; we may take for granted or not fully appreciate the power of choice; perhaps we don’t exercise it or make the most of it or follow through on it always.

What a gift to have the power of choice.

Recognize it , prepare for it , exercise it , screw it up now and then, correct it and commit.

God bless those that aren’t able to choose , and if we know someone like that , I hope I choose to support them in some way , my own way ; and as our Sunday celebrant said , we all will have our ups and downs ; and when you’re up , help those that are down , and when you’re down , look around for those that are willing to pick you up.

There are plenty of both around from which to choose .....

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