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Good things don’t always come to those who wait

You’ve heard the saying that good things come to those who wait. Sometimes , I believe you have to go and get it.

If you’re waiting for a lightning bolt of wisdom to hit you while you’re sitting still in one place, whether at home, between meetings, sitting in a class or a boring routine , it’s not likely.

While thinking a bit about a writing topic, I got stymied and went out to a local restaurant early one morning for breakfast and to get a change of scenery .

The person behind the counter I had seen once before a few weeks ago and tried to make conversation then , and didn’t get much of a reaction, she seemed disinterested , preoccupied , not too friendly in my brief interaction to place my order.

This morning on my way out of the same restaurant , I saw her behind the counter and available , so I thought I’d try again and say good morning , knowing she had to have been up very early to open the restaurant. She commented innocently about her job and didn’t really feel appreciated there , saying that she would be taking time off in a couple of weeks and perhaps then the company would notice what she does.

She went on to say she would be having her second brain surgery in months for an aneurysm which is causing some blindness in one eye, a similar diagnosis her sister died from 30 years ago. Telling me at 52 , she just got married and was optimistic about life .

I relayed that my daughter had brain surgery five years ago and was doing great and that she (the employee) would be as well ; she said she likes her doctor and is encouraged by her bright future.

We both might have benefited a bit from the exchange and learned some things in the process.

Make a conscious decision to try something new, extend yourself and your thinking, recognize people can benefit from your knowledge and perspective , and you from theirs.

Good things come to those who wait AND those who go looking for it !


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