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Relaxation doesn’t just sail into your life when you retire

Whether you’re envisioning relaxing in retirement or living it right now, it occurs to me that one doesn’t beget the other necessarily , and maybe it shouldn’t.

I am sitting in a chair at the shore of the ocean , watching the sun come up, dolphins playing in the water, listening to the waves and watching a C-17 large military transport carrier dip its wing to the shore after taking off , to say one last goodbye to family , friends and the United States , as it carries it’s precious cargo of soldiers and equipment into battle overseas.

I am not taking this all in because I am retired , although I recently changed the nature of my work schedule , I’m taking it in and relaxing because that is what relaxing is for me - a series of moments, awareness , the throttling up or down of our senses, a zen like state induced by pure distraction, adrenaline , exercise , changed breathing and a perspective and focus you didn’t necessarily have earlier.

In fact, I would say retirement is not pure relaxation. A fulfilling advancement through life stages is your own balancing act , enjoying a little bit of a contrast. A weighing of play or pay, labor or leisure, contribution or convalescence .

The great news is it’s up to you and you can find your happy place when you take time to recognize, and/or create those moments. They are happening all around us every day.

Witnessing and enjoying those moments are a gift, energizing and there for the taking , making our hectic work , family , life schedule that much richer and enjoyable in their own right.

So , no matter your age, crazy chaos or retired, remember to take time to relax. It’s a choice made real by conscious thought and habitual behaviors , to be savored , no matter your age or stage in life.


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