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Saint or Sinner: A Lifetime of work

I am no judge and have had my moments.

What constitutes sinner or saintly behavior or even the classification? Subject to interpretation and written about in many publications, religious and otherwise, and a matter of degree on the continuum.

Likely, it is the passing of time and moments at work that pile up or compound, just like the interest on your retirement savings.

People's definitions of Saint and sinner run the gamut; so you have to decide with help from others; maybe religious ie: the Bible or other guidance from cultures and faiths.

At the core, it is rarely one act or event, but a series of actions based on core beliefs/values, day to day ups and downs, persisting and overcoming and staying focused on the who and the what you want to be.

We had a dear friend we lost too early who was compassionate, caring, faithful and kind. She had her moments too, her struggles and setbacks on being the person she wanted to be.

She wasn't naturally wired to be extroverted, but it became her persona. We came to expect her compassion and kindness, appreciate and cherish our relationship and friendship and respond quickly and willingly to her efforts to reach out.

As we have come to find out, she really worked hard at it; who she wanted to be in nurturing relationships of those around her.

Reading, seeking inspiration, documenting people's situations, so she could be there for them when in need or in a special situation.

Seems one should get points for effort and results.

Effort she put into it, the depth of her faith and commitment not often visible on the surface but more evident as she was always devoted to the results.

The result was a clear set of values and beliefs being in pretty perfect alignment with her behaviors/actions/impact on others that was consistent and caring. Seems to me, the definition of integrity for which most of us strive.

It was no accident that all around her considered her their best friend.

Look for a moment beyond results for you and others and seek insight into beliefs ,values and habits to know that person and to be the person you want to be.

So, more than likely we are both Saints and sinners and will be judged over a lifetime; and each moment of each day, each thoughtful act will be recognized and acknowledged at some point, please make sure it's not too late to recognize that in others each day, and for yourself as well.

As referenced in a book by Burkeman called 4,000 weeks , that is the average number of weeks we have on this earth; take time to dig deep , go beyond results and behaviors in a moment in time to see the devotion , effort , commitment and the correlation to what someone is and wants to be and appreciate how far they have come in their journey and congratulate them ; and by the way , give yourself some grace and a pat on the back too!


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