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Savor the small stuff

In contrast to a long ago book about not sweating the small stuff by Richard Carlson , which is a very good read ; another very good read by Andy Andrews , an inspirational author and speaker is a book called , “The Little Things : Why You Really Should Sweat The Small Stuff” about how that matters to the lives of people and businesses. Meaningful outcomes are from a compilation of a lot of little things.

Relating that concept to attempts to enjoy the moment more;

saying you wish to do that and actually appreciating the small moments are two different things.

This occurred to me when I was two hours into a nine hour drive , it struck me how much I enjoyed the smell of and the taste of that 1st cup of hot coffee in the morning .

I’m not a big coffee drinker , enjoy a cup or two a day , but that first taste is the best taste , maybe it’s tea for you or soda.

Was prayerfully reflecting on a conversation with a young neighbor and friend who had a surprise cancer diagnosis and I was deep in thought on that as I put the McDonald’s coffee to my lips grateful for the moment , hopeful for our friend and relishing the senses and emotions , and the oasis from the mundane mechanics of driving .

I am guessing we all have these moments like meditation , listening to deep breathing and realizing and enjoying our surroundings.

But the reality is it is not something you necessarily plan for, it something to get yourself doing , more likely if you’re looking for it.

Bob Proctor talks about , present results do not control our thoughts or our success , it comes from within our own mindset and will . In other words , our thoughts drive our beliefs and actions for the best and truest results .

I find if I attempt to relax and open my mind to these moments or as I try to remind myself to get out of my own way these moments are more likely to occur and be more frequent.

As busy as we all are , don’t wait to be struck by this ; be open to it , and maybe even make time for it, and we all might get better and better at it .


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