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Sneeze heard round the world

So you could’ve knocked me over with a feather or a small gust , like a sneeze

18 months ago , a sneeze was no laughing matter. People were getting mad at other people and berating those that would sneeze in public. There were cartoons about people taking drastic measures to thwart those that looked like they were going to sneeze , and God help us all if they did.

Of course , people were concerned about passing germs , catching something from an errant irresponsible sneezer. We taught kids and adults how and where to sneeze.

Now , I am navigating airports, trying to do math in my head to see if the right number of seats and square footage exists between two people and where it might be appropriate for me to sit without infringing on someone’s space and sphere of germs , sort of like a cone of silence or sickness .

When I felt I was properly spaced and seated, something terrible was coming over me;

I felt a sneeze coming on , of course because it was totally unacceptable , sort of like forbidden fruit , I suppose I really wanted to sneeze.

So , with proper coverage , positioning and volume , I DID sneeze.

Waiting for my section of the airport to scatter , scowl and judge me , there was a pause , and then someone , I did not know and was not traveling with me , said , God bless you !

We have turned the corner , 18 months into a pandemic;

human decency , courtesy and compassion have returned .

Then , I suspected it was a mistaken reflex on the part of my blesser.

I needed more data

I was on my return flight getting comfortable for takeoff with belts , masks and luggage and some kind stranger two seats away offered me a mint from his newly opened tin can full of mints . What !?

Exchange mints …….

And , while I took a pass on that kind gesture , my control group research results are in

We are almost back , caring about , interacting with and reaching out to be of help to those in need.


this is a bit satirical . There were many caring and capable folks who put their lives on the line for us the past 18 months and there’s nothing but gratitude and respect for them and that is not a laughing matter.

This is a brief blog , almost as brief and hopefully enjoyable , as a good hearty sneeze !


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