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 You may be  working diligently on your big breakthrough, identifying it , making it happen. You may be  wondering what you would do if faced with a crisis . It’s great to be prepared and play out scenarios for the big test ; because you are reading this and relating to it, you may very well be in good shape; perhaps you had a big test before and would have liked to have done better.

As you think about it , and want to enhance your chances , let me suggest you look for, recognize and celebrate the EVERY DAY HEROES . You may very well be one of them. Smaller tests of character, integrity, quick , effective judgment and courage are all around you and you may very well be an every day hero or know one . The day-to-day challenges to do the right thing at home, personally and professionally; the courage to take on a boss, coworker or subordinate; the fortitude to do what you can do for your family, even when neighbors, family and some friends disagree.

 A dear friend of mine found himself in his 50s caring for his wife in her late 40s with advancing Alzheimer’s. He was surprised to talk to a number of caregivers and medical professionals who said many in his same situation would have left or relinquished the responsibility. Again , I cannot tell you what I nor anyone else might or should do in those circumstances, but I CAN tell you that I and many others draw courage , strength and hope , and witness a remarkable example of what one would do in a big test by this person’s inspiring display as an every day hero .

He never asked for this and this certainly was not in their plans for retirement. He would likely tell you, in many ways, without realizing it , he has been preparing his whole life to do the right thing , passing the big test by witnessing the everyday heroes in his life.


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