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What’s true these days

I know for a fact that I am sitting here enjoying an early morning sunrise overlooking the backyard woods. The morning sun illuminating the steam rising from freshly brewed cup of coffee warming the morning chill. A woodpecker looking for bugs with the pecking noise punching out a rhythmic tune.

That‘s the glass half full scenario I know to be true, reassuring and invigorating.

The half empty version is feeling like the woodpecker , repeatedly knocking his head against the tree to no avail.

Pick a subject ; entertainment , politics , people , economics, health . It’s hard to find and know the truth these days. Not sure when it was OK to be half true, partly true or nearly true , seemingly validated by something that appears in an email , an article , tweet , newspaper or Facebook.

The movie called, “ Social Dilemma “ speaks of the fact that each person has theit own algorithmic exposure to social media, bombardment of messages , based on their interests , leading to each having their own reality or truth. That makes sense , based on the 3000 to 5000 pieces of advertisement , news or communication we see each day.

Politifact , fact check might clarify somewhat if we use it and that too has its own filter.

Whats true and why does it matter ? Compounded by our own worlds having been disrupted by a worldwide virus and the ramifications.

All is not lost ....

Realize these things are happening and everyone comes with biases and prejudices; families, reporters, politicians , doctors and teachers etc.

What is most important to you and the ones you care about ? Continually seek the truth, act on it , be ever vigilant , freshen sources , viewpoints and perspectives, focus on what you care about and control to some extent , and go for it.

Try the 3-2-1 method. Research or ask 3 sources, be open to a new view and narrow down to 2 options and elevate the 1 best alternative. Some people say C span is objective , international newspapers or witnessing events in person are good non-filter resources.

You decide .... Authentic and true , or fiction.

Half empty;

I’m sitting here in my temporary apartment looking at a fake tree , a fake fireplace and fake flowers sitting on my fake leather chair. We can get lulled to sleep and complacency.

Surround yourself with authentic and continually seek the truth. Don’t settle .

Unlike Jack Nicholson in the movie , A Few Good Men , saying ,”you can’t handle the truth” ;

We want to know the truth, we CAN handle it and it is better than any fake version of it out there.

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