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Why does anyone need a financial/life coach ?

While this has somewhat been covered in other blogs and the book , in my efforts to stay up to speed and pursue continuing education , I will share noteworthy programs or information now and then .

At the end of this blog will be sources to learn more and give credit where it is due for much of what you are about to read.

Life and financial literacy or planning are inextricably linked , if done right and regularly . The following program was sponsored and promoted by financial advisor magazine . So , these concepts should be a part of your relationship with your financial advisor , still a relatively new idea for many , although it applies to all ages.

If you are going it alone , please incorporate these concepts in your thought process .

The majority of financial advisors say their clients are retiring ‘from something’ and not ‘to something‘ , which often leads to more challenges . Some spend more time planning a two-week vacation (if they take all their vacations that is ) then they do retirement.

Studies show a positive and grateful outlook toward aging can add as much as 7.5 years to one’s life; also critical is maintaining one’s intellectual challenge , the study finds.

One person‘s definition is , “to work with and interact with interesting people and solve problems” ;

the contrast and the proper balance of work and leisure are critical factors.

Mitch Anthony states that society tells us , “retirement is an artificial finish line , super imposed on us with age-based metrics.”

He strongly disagrees with this definition and espouses , ‘engage at any age‘ . A definition for engagement can mean , ‘activities that bring value to others and meaning to you’ .

Specifically , he discusses , the five C’s of successful aging;

connectivity , challenge , curiosity , creativity and charity.

He challenges each of us to answer , ‘ what is your reason for waking every morning’ .

Most don’t know clearly enough what they are working toward or retiring to , resulting in fear of spending money, loss of identity , boredom or lack of structure.

When working , we may not think about spending money as much; however , when we cash that last paycheck , then the price of everything matters.

Money should bring you joy; not that you can’t have joy without money but your resources and behaviors hopefully contribute to your happiness .

He says that the reality is , we all have the same amount to spend every week ...... 168 hours !

For more information , look into Mitch Anthony’s book called “ The New Retirementality “ .

He is a prolific author I have known of and worked with for nearly 20 years. Check out the website, , where Mitch and his business partner Steve Sanduski offer discovery tools , ideas and resources for ROL , return on life.

His tools , coaches and resources are available , and joy and fulfillment, making the most of your resources and making the least of your anxiety , are attainable goals.

Start now and enhance your journey for yourself , your family and your dreams.

You’ve earned it !


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